EU SME Phase 1 grant

In February 2020, N-CHROMA received the EU SME instrument Phase 1 grant, supported by the Horizon 2020 program.

The project was separated in two parts: Technological Feasibility and Legislative Road mapping.

The main objectives for the technology development included: Optimization of the current production system and upscaling of fermentation. For the optimization of the current production system, extensive metabolic engineering was performed including the test of different genes for increased production of anthocyanins and the production of different types of anthocyanins. Several genes showed promising results and they were included in the current production system. Also, N-CHROMA expanded its colour portfolio to include red, magenta, orange and yellow in its portfolio.

The main objectives for legislation included: Assessment of current legislation on anthocyanins for the market of interest and build of roadmap for market entry. Through the great coaching provided by EU, we successfully identified all legislative issues that our product may encounter and created a realistic and cost effective roadmap for market entry in the Food and Beverage and the Cosmetics industries.

The technology developed by N-CHROMA is destined to provide a healthier, more sustainable solution to the current colour revolution. More importantly, the basis of this technology can provide the gateway for the production of myriads of healthy products including colours, antioxidants and even pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the advances developed during the SME Instrument phase 1 are applied to future developments that will greatly impact the environment and our society.

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union


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